Welcome To Antonov Industrial Park

Antonov Industrial Parks boasts of offering highly equipped and most advanced industrial and warehousing solutions to its clients.

Our Parks are self-sustainable independent eco-systems facilitating all necessary amenities

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Welcome to Antonov Industrial Parks

Strategically located, one of the most preferred locations in India for industry, Antonov Industrial Park in Bhiwandi is situated in proximity to major manufacturing facilities.

With the advent of e-commerce in India accompanied by Make in India and Digital India Campaigns, the whole nation is at a verge of transformation. While multiple companies and their logistics partners are trying their best to fulfil the needs of the emerging consumers from all geographical corners and varied demographics, the biggest challenge is to either store the raw materials near the Industrial Plans or the store the Processed Goods nearby the delivery areas.At Antonov, we had foreseen these challenges and hence after a structured primary as well as secondary research, started working towards designing high-tech, ultra-modern and well planned industrial and warehousing solutions and parks at targeted locations to support businesses like Third Party Logistics, e-commerce, Manufacturing, FMCG and Retail. Our Industrial Parks are fully equipped and built for complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality as well as security.

Along with our development of our flagship industrial park in Bhiwandi , we also plan to develop industrial parks across Bangalore , NCR and Ahmedabad. Our lndustrial Parks will be built on 75-100 acres of land located strategically and very well technically planned to cater to the needs of both industrial as well as other logistics clients. Our planned Industrial Parks will be fully equipped self-sustaining ecosystem fully capable of independently serve all needs of our clients apart from providing their staff with a comfortable setup with ample parking spaces, fresh food served at canteen, clean peaceful rest areas, fully operational business centres and more. Our vision is to provide best-in-class space and service to our clients ensuring no business loss to them at any given point due to our incapability or negligence.

For those clients looking for long-term warehousing solutions owned and operated by themselves, our efficient and well-trained team:helps search for land in pre-defined areascomplete all documentation and help with local authorities for proper land acquisitionhelp develop a complete campus or customised facility as per client requirementsOur team is fully qualified to understand all government norms and consult our clients accordingly. We help both international as well as multi-national clients with land search, acquisition and development following all their specific mandates for setting up a facility, anywhere in India.


Few things that differentiates us from the competition are:
  • A Network across the nation to undertake Land Acquisition of any size at any corner of the country
  • Capability to deploy additional capital for scalability, to remove any growth barriers for our clients
  • Utilize all internal / external resources as well as domain expertise of the team as well as the network to provide best consultation to the client
  • Make available vendors and partners to help our clients achieve optimal designs, lowest cost and maximum efficiency
  • Customer First Philosophy leading to highest comfort of our clients right from planning to leasing to developing to managing industrial and warehousing spaces
  • Define Service Level Agreements to define clear expectations, set goals and timelines and work in an organised manner to deliver the best to our clients
  • Complete Due Diligence for all paperwork, government norms and other requirements by MNCs related to audits, contracts, lease agreements, legalities, statutory and governance
  • Conduct internal safety and quality audits in regular intervals and rotate the staff to ensure alertness at the facility
  • Handhold our clients and make them aware of various native region-based policies and procedures to be followed
The Antonov Difference

What We Do

We are a team of professionals providing you with unmatched industrial or warehousing infrastructure as per your requirements (Build-to-Suit facility) anywhere across India.

What We Offer

We offer more than 40 years of leadership experience in the field of real estate, infrastructure and liaising experience with government authorities to help you with the process of Land Acquisition, Design, Development and Asset Management.